Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching

With Dr. David B. Wolf
And Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching

*Summer 2024 PPTC Starts July 11th with live classes on Thursdays at 6pm ET*

German PPTC Starts October 26th with in-person and online sessions. Learn More Here 

Create Phenomenal Results With Your Clients

If you want to create significant impact with the people in your life and serve the world with increasing excellence – this coach training is for you.

Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching is a holistic approach to life coaching.

You are invited to transform how you show up in life, for yourself, and for your clients.

Are you:
➔ Interested in the essence of healing and transformation?
➔ Looking for a meaningful career that empowers others?
➔ Wanting more tools to improve your service to humanity?

If so, read every word on this page.

Satvatove coaches are systematic scientists as well as creative artists – experts in directing flow and evoking sublime qualities in people.

We’d love to share the art and science of transformative coaching with you, based on ancient knowledge and coaching thousands of souls over the last 40+ years.

Mastery and Confidence are Yours

Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching (PPTC) offers a unique blend of communication skills and coaching methodologies founded on universal spiritual principles.

PPTC gives you tools for intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness-raising, a deep grasp of the principles of effective coaching, and mastery of the skills and techniques of the professional coach.

Whether you want to have a thriving coaching practice or just show up more fully in your family, work, and community – PPTC is a powerful stepping stone to an empowered and purposeful life.

What People Around the World Have to Say

“The Satvatove coach training was very enriching for my development as a coach. The class experience, and the regular exchanges with other participants really made this a very practical way of learning. The combination of theory and practice was wonderful; for me personally, it was the best way to grow as a coach, to monitor how much I’m grasping and integrating the principles and skills. Thank you for your determination to give 100% to teach and guide us with so much care and integrity.”
Marlene Ehrhardt
“For me the coach training is not a training for a job, but a training to learn to live my life in a way that is inspiring and exciting, a training in which I learn to be the best person I can be – and touch others through my being. Another inspiration is the connection I sensed between the Satvatove approach to helping and the approach made by great spiritual personalities such as Francis of Assisi, Theresa of Avila, Jesus, persons who have always been a great example for me. By going through the coach training I get to learn and enter deeper into what I believe is our nature - we all have the potential to manifest qualities that contribute to making the world a better place, because those qualities are inside of each one of us. The coach training helps me to manifest the qualities I have inside and offer them to the world.”
Annette Bonomo
“Because of the incredible coaching skills I gained from Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching, I’ve had the confidence to step up and establish my Life Coaching practice. Now I’m able to serve others with remarkable results doing something that is profoundly rewarding for me, and be well compensated financially for doing it.”
David Aycrigg
(New Zealand)

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In this session, you will create awakening in any life area you choose. Also, you may ask any questions you have about Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching.

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Your Instructor & The Satvatove Institute

David B. Wolf, Ph.D., has over 43 years of experience in diverse social and mental health service fields, including counselor training, medical social work, children and family counseling, executive coaching, spiritual life coaching, and developing and leading personal transformation seminars.

In the 1990s he began developing and conducting the

programs that became the Satvatove Institute seminars and coach training programs.

David has coached and counseled thousands of people, groups, and organizations.

He is the author of Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living and The Power of Bhakti: Ancient Spiritual Science for the Modern Distracted Mind.

Our mission at Satvatove Institute is to spark a world-wide revolution in consciousness, by focusing on individual transformation.

As a leader in communication training, self-development, and coach training, we have successfully supported thousands of people in over 25 countries to fundamentally change their lives for the better and to take a stand for the transformation of others.

We believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience and each soul has access to the highest guidance within.

We believe in creating sacred space, within which we empower each other to connect with the essential qualities of the soul, live purposefully, and co-create a truly fulfilling life.

Satvatove helps leaders say yes to their highest purpose, show up big in life, and breakthrough anything holding them back.

We do this by offering intensive leadership and self-empowerment seminars, online Transformative Coach training, and individual coaching – all focused on the process of transformative communication, self-realization, and conscious living.


PPTC is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 125 credit hours.



What You Get When You Join
The School of Transformative Coaching

Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching includes three comprehensive 12-class sessions.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 all include:

●  12 live interactive virtual group classes, 2 hours per week (36 classes altogether, for all three parts)
●  2 coaching session supervisions with David Wolf per part (6 total)
●  2 individual coaching sessions with David Wolf (6 total)
●  Peer coaching exchanges every week
●  Access to the Satvatove Coaching Community
●  Personalized feedback on your coaching
●  Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living – the main textbook for the course, authored by David Wolf
●  Weekly assignments to explore and internalize learning
●  Support to start your own coaching practice

An In-Depth Study of Consciousness & Transformation

Here’s a taste of where the PPTC journey will take you…


Class 1: Introduction to Course Structure and Philosophy of Transformative Coaching

Class 2: International Coaching Federation and Satvatove Ethics, Standards of Personal Conduct, and Core Competencies 

Class 3: Coaching Context, Client Self-Determination, and Client Agenda

Class 4: Non-Verbal and Paralinguistic Communication, and Roadblocks to Effective Communication

Class 5: Active Listening Part 1

Class 6: Active Listening Part 2, Including Recognizing and Matching Energy

Class 7: Questions for Awareness-Raising and Concreteness, and the Place of Curiosity and Intuition in the Coaching Process

Class 8: Alternative Perspectives, Self-Awareness, and Creating Awareness for the Client

Class 9: Feedback and Immediacy in the Coaching Conversation

Class 10: Coach Self-Disclosure and Client Challenge

Class 11: Accountability, Smart Goals, and PACT Creation

Class 12: Time Management and Integration of Skills and Principles


Class 13: Three Guna Framework for Transformative Coaching

Class 14: Action Leading to Insight, and Insight Leading to Action

Class 15: Grungies, Payoffs, and Personal Responsibility

Class 16: Advanced Empathy and Metaphor

Class 17: Be-Do-Have, Self-Defeating Beliefs, and the Principle of Subtle Leading to Gross

Class 18: Consciousness in the Result and Clear Intention

Class 19: Lapsing and Relapsing: Strategies for an Ongoing Spirit of Discovery

Class 20: Ethical Issues for the Professional Coach

Class 21: Relationships with Success and Winning

Class 22: Integrity and Relationship with Our Word

Class 23: Empathic Dialogue, Win, and the Coach as Communication Trainer

Class 24: Between Coaching Sessions, Celebrating Success, and Appreciation


Class 25: Changing Our Karma: Boats, Planes and Conscious Living

Class 26: Assertive, Aggressive, Passive

Class 27: Dependence, Independence and Interdependence

Class 28: Managing the Beach Ball and Pulling the Weeds

Class 29: Strategies for Surviving; Strategies for Thriving

Class 30: Resistant Clients

Class 31: Parenting Coaching

Class 32: Couples Coaching

Class 33: Group Coaching Part 1

Class 34: Group Coaching Part 2 andVisualization

Class 35: Intuition and Curiosity

Class 36: Clients for Life: The Spirit of Service

Enrollment & Tuition

You can join PPTC one Part at a time, or all three Parts at once.

If you join all three Parts at once, you save $630 compared to the one part price!

PART I : Tuition is $2,100

PARTS I, II AND III (125 Credit Hours): Tuition is $5,670

or 4 monthly Payments of $1474 or 8 monthly Payments of $795

Refund Policy: If you join PPTC and decide it’s not for you, we will refund 75% of your tuition to you within the first 30 days of joining.

The next semester of PPTC begins on July 11th, 2023!

We would love to have you with us.

We will meet on Zoom on Thursdays from 6pm-8pm ET.

Is Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching speaking to you?

Are you inspired to explore more?

Please schedule your free no-pressure consultation today, or you can email Patrick Mangum at

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Early Bird Discount available when signing up for all three parts before July 1st, 2024 – 10% discount when signing up for all three parts in one payment and 5% for any payment plan

More from the Satvatove Coaching Community…

“The amount of care, support and nurturance I experienced throughout the program was a gift unsurpassed. All the energy and effort I put into the program I received a thousand-fold in return through unconditional support, constant care and compassionate challenge. I feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity this program and Satvatove has provided me with.”
Fayenen Lathrenwen
“The Satvatove Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching training has been one of the most transformative experiences in my life. I started the training because I knew I wanted self growth to live my life more fully being authentically myself. Now through the training I have also found transformative life coaching as one of the main ways I want to continue to serve others in this life. If you are wanting training in any kind of self growth and/or communication then this course will be extremely helpful for your goals. The course is also one year long, two hours each week, with some homework in b/w sessions. This pace felt consistent in learning the practices yet doable. If you’re looking for a training that helps you understand the core of who you are and how to have more empathy for others then this is definitely the training you want to pick. I feel I have grown so much in just oneyear!”
Stephanie Roberts
(Colorado, USA)
“This PPTC has been a very enriching and uplifting experience and I will miss the weekly meeting very much.”
Kishori Sandal
(Kansas, USA)
“I want to convey my gratification towards you and your class; I have been humbled by each subject and driven towards actively pursuing practices for the betterment of myself. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction, and I consider you an amazing teacher and healer. I am deeply looking forward to Part 2 of PPTC and hope to meet you in person during a seminar in the future! Thank you for taking the time to help me with my experience!”
Marina Wilson
(Missouri, USA)
“This PPTC was something like the cherry on the top of the ice cream of the Satvatove experience, which for me has included powerful transformation in the forms of seminars, personal coaching, and a multi-month Life Mastery Program. I value very much your intuition and encouragement around Executive Coaching, and really felt like a fish swimming in water during the group coaching project.”
Benjamin Berwing
“This Satvatove course, Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching, has been an amazing journey. I got so much value, and am eager to use it fully in the world. Thank you.”
Govinda Syer
(Florida, USA)
“It was bittersweet to end our PPTC course last night. Thank you for three semesters of a most valuable experience of learning in community.”
Sarah Thompson
(Pennsylvania, USA)
“I just want to express my gratitude for your being instrumental and supportive to my intrapersonal growth and self extension. I'm finding PPTC to be very valuable in my life right now. I'm experiencing a lot of synchronicity and increased awareness in many areas of my life, inner and outer, as they go hand-in-hand. So, a warm and grateful 'thank you' from me. I feel enthused to continue to walk the path of introspection and self correction, through the uncomfortable, difficult and scary alleyways, and across the tracks of inspiration, consciousness and light.”
Vrinda Taylor
“In a few weeks our PPTC course will end. For me, one of the most significant experiences in my life, I am very grateful and looking forward to the further journey and connection with Satvatove.”
Dijana Wloka

Becoming a Transformative Coach is declaring that, whatever is happening in the world: