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Join us for a transformative online course designed to enhance your communication skills, deepen your relationships, and bring more satisfaction into your life.

Relationships That Work (RTW) Online Course


The RTW Online Course is a unique opportunity to experience a complete Satvatove seminar from the convenience of your own home.

Course Details

    • Two-day Intensive: 
        • Start time: 10am ET

        • End time: by 6pm ET each day

    • Four Weekly Sessions:  (90 – 120 minutes long)

      Live attendance is not required for each of the weekly sessions

What You’ll Learn

    • Understand and apply universal ancient wisdom principles to your everyday life.

    • Develop empathic listening and conflict resolution skills.

    • Practice expressing yourself in alignment with your authentic truth.

    • Explore communication, relationships, and lifestyle choices in the mode of goodness.

    • Transform difficult relationships and make requests assertively.

    • Recognize and overcome roadblocks to effective communication.

    • Learn to create a space where your genuine care is fully transmitted and received.

Why Choose the RTW Online Course?

    • Convenience: A complete Satvatove seminar experience without any travel.

    • Affordability: An accessible price for a powerful, life-changing experience.

    • Live Community Interaction: Engage in real-time discussions, exercises, and skill-building with a group of like-minded individuals.

    • 18+ hours of instruction, support and transformation guided by a Satvatove facilitator 

Course Highlights

    • Receive a copy of David B. Wolf’s book, Relationships That Work, upon registration.

    • A 2-day Intensive experience led by David, master coach and facilitator with over 40 years of experience. 

    • Four weekly 90-120 minute sessions led by David and other Satvatove leaders


“I felt the esoteric or metaphysical aspect of the seminar process, right from the start of it. I was touched and moved by everyone’s sharing, consciously aware and experiencing each as being a contributor to that for which I came to the seminar. Quite mystic. I’m basking in it.”

“Deep, enlivening, I liked the weekly check-in sharings and recommended assignments between sessions. The sessions co-created for me a momentum in taking “it” to my life ️ I experienced David as urgent, in a spirit of “we have all the time in the world and not a moment to lose”, and I was impressed how expertly he coached the group and held space for so many individual sharings in each session. I learned so much from other people’s realizations and sharings, and I cannot recall any dull moment, which I find amazing when I consider those were meetings online with people I didn’t previously know.”  – Helena Pokorová

“The group went deeper and deeper every week! I’m actually a little surprised that the online (course) was just as powerful as “in house” seminars!  I’m so grateful I got to take this group coaching course with so many of my friends. I feel blessed that every week, Satvatove offered a container for my peeps from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Florida to experience self-realization together. It was also awesome to be with familiar faces from all over the world.Thank you, Satvatove, for offering the richest platform I have ever experienced to create even juicier relationships with my friends.”  – Jai Maa

“We just completed another extraordinary adventure-in-self-discovery Satvatove (online) program. One of the many gems I’m taking from it is to acknowledge and celebrate the gifts I have to offer, and my achievements.” – David Aycrigg

“Thank you Marie and David for the eventful, meaningful, transformative and wonderful seminar. It was a delight to be part of it!” – Amalia

Amazing course! Life changing! Thank you Marie and David for all your help and guidance.”Kohl



Join Us for a Journey of Transformation

Open up to the secrets to fulfilling relationships, effective communication, and a satisfying life. 

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“Bring-A-Friend” Discount available for graduates of the RTW Online Course, Foundational Course or PPTC Part 1. Graduates can pay a discounted price of $100 when you inspire a friend or family member to participate in the course with you. Contact


Kelly’s Story :

Between 2017-2019 Kelly took the Satvatove seminars (Foundational, Advanced and Satvatove 3), Life Mastery Program and Coach Training and completely transformed her life on all levels. Then, in 2020, Kelly volunteered as a staff assistant for the seminars and in many ways became more and more involved in the Satvatove mission. 

In general, Kelly’s relationship with her mother was always close and Mom was open to communication. Since Kelly took the courses, their relationship has definitely improved and Mom would sometimes admit that she thinks it’s because of Kelly’s communication skills from Satvatove. 

Mom was supportive of Kelly’s transformation and trusting that Kelly was choosing something that was clearly improving her life. Still, when she inquired from Kelly about her life related to Satvatove, it was in a concerned and fearful way.

Mom did not trust Satvatove or this David Wolf guy because she did not have any personal experience. 

Mom decided, last minute, to take the RTW 2-day Online Course. Certainly the relatively short time-commitment, price and convenience were attractive. Mom was curious what Kelly had been up to with this “Satva-whatever” group…AND…she would only take it if Kelly would join her!  

The course softened the edges for Mom around Satvatove.

Taking the RTW Online Course legitimized Kelly’s path and her choices and while Mom did gain respect for David, she really LOVED Marie Glasheen!

Something softened and opened up…

Since then, Mom has been more curious and interested in Kelly’s personal and spiritual growth with Satvatove.

Now Kelly experiences that Mom has let her guard down and is more open to the sattvic principles of Satvatove.

In the RTW Online Course, we focus on Transformative Communication and as you can see from this story, even more-so than transformation of communication, they experienced transformation of the essence of their relationship.