Satvatove Institute offers communication seminars founded in Transformative Communication. In these communication seminars you will have full facility to gain mastery of skills, techniques and principles vital to highly effective relating. And in the process you’ll get tools and realizations essential for knowing yourself, and for facilitating others in their journey of self-discovery.

The Satvatove communication seminars, ranging in length from 1 hour to 7 days, are dedicated to create a safe environment for courageous intrapersonal and interpersonal exploration. This environment is established through rigorous commitment to avoid subtle and overt blocks to genuine communication, and to cultivation of effective and powerful communication strategies. In these communication seminars, such as the 3-hour Relationships That Work workshop, the Foundational Seminar, and the Advanced Seminar Experience, you’ll get to refine your ability to distinguish between life-enriching and life-alienating communication.

This atmosphere of sacred space provides special opportunity to explore, in yourself and your relationships, what is authentic, and what is superfluous. You’ll experientially discover and uncover qualities in yourself that, till now, have been less than fully manifest and expressed.

“The Satvatove communication seminars have been a fabulous experience every time I’ve participated. The Foundational Life Skills/Personal Transformation Seminar for me was humbling and very enriching. I feel I could take it ten times and continue to benefit every time.
This has helped me be stronger and rooted in my path. The more I use and commit to these communication strategies, the more connected I feel to myself. For this amazing gift, I wish to share my deepest appreciation and gratitude for

your work and the opportunity to be a part of these communication seminars.”
– Mariah Rollins

My experience with the Satvatove Advanced Seminar was nothing less than amazing! I feel alive, happy, and brand new after having completed the course. I have reconnected with so many long hidden qualities such as assertiveness and self-confidence. I am definitely feeling empowered to speak out and let my voice be heard. … Even down to the smallest detail, every aspect of the course has helped me to grow. I have learned practical ways to continue to make positive changes in my life…and I feel incredible enthusiasm to achieve my goals. I have also learned the value of sharing honestly with others, and being real about who I am. To anyone who is experiencing frustration and unhappiness in their lives I would definitely recommend the Satvatove communication seminars
– Enid Sacasa

The 3-day Satvatove communication seminar absolutely was AMAZING! Taking this course is a decision that I will remember for the rest of my life as being life-changing!
– Tim Francis

The immeasurable value of this 3-day communication seminar became apparent within the first three hours. The principles are based in the truest nature of humanity as spirit beings … This course has awakened potential within me I forgot I had. I want more! I recommend the Satvatove communication seminars to everyone!
– William McLeod

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