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“Wonderful to reconnect with the enlivening, empowering, magnificent energy that is the Satvatove Experience. Thank you David and Marie for all the hard work you’ve done through the years to get this seminar to where it is and what it is now.
I got much more out of this than I did the previous two times – and that’s saying a lot.
I truly value your association, and I’m indebted to you both.”
Wayne Watt
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010


True Power in Police Work: A Story of Transformation

This LMP program really helped me connect to my power and let empowerment come my way. I’ve received feedback from people who knew me from before, that they can see that I’ve changed. I’m more present, confident, my relationships improved, some of them to a deeper level of intimacy and friendship, I became more assertive, more clear in my communication, peaceful, and happier.

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