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To assert ourselves means to know ourselves. If I want to assert myself I need to know what I believe, what I feel, what I think and what is truly important for me. Thus, assertiveness is indispensable for a life of spiritual integrity. In examining my core principles, beliefs and aspirations, it is important to distinguish between what I think “should” be my principles, feelings and values, and what my actions actually reveal them to be. Such awareness is an important part of the process of spiritual development and genuine assertive expression.


From the Courses in Vrindavan, India

“The Satvatove Advanced Seminar opened new dimensions of myself to me. I am now able to do things I thought to be impossible before. I got some great tools for communication and relationships. I realized that I have much unused potential in myself, which I am now going to apply in my life.”
S. K. Boehm

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How to Deal With “Desk Rage”

“Understanding, by the way, does not necessarily mean agreeing with the person,” added Wolf. “Sometimes we might think the person is justified in their anger but sometimes we don’t. How we respond to the person expressing the anger, however, is key to de-escalating the rage factor.”

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