Steve Toth Interviews David Wolf

Click the link below and listen to Steve Toth, founder of Real Coaching Radio Network (RCRN), interview David Wolf of Satvatove Institute. RCRN is a cutting edge venture in innovative use of the media to raise awareness about coaching and personal development. Hear David speak on the spiritual basis of the Satvatove programs, Satvatove and Landmark, transcending limited patterns of thoughts and behaviors, personal accountability, and lots more.

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Interview With Steve Toth

Excerpts From The Interview

David Wolf: “In some ways, though, Satvatove is very different, substantially different….Satvatove has a spiritual basis, …my understanding of Landmark is that what they’re presenting is that at the core essence of everything, including ourselves, is nothing….In Satvatove our underlying principle is that the core of everything is spirit…not nothing. We certainly want to pierce through our false ego, but we don’t want to get rid of ego altogether, because ego means our sense of who we are, and we are someone….”

David Wolf: “My conviction is that everyone has a meaningful purpose in this lifetime, and to the extent that we’re connected with that, …alive with life purpose, then we’ll be fulfilled without separate endeavor…..If we could say that if we had ten million dollars in the bank, I’d be doing just what I’m doing now…..then we’ll experience a deep level of joy and fulfillment…..There’s no way it will be real inspiring, if we’re living from a place of “I’m doing this thing I really don’t like for so many years, so that later I’ll be able to do…”

Steve Toth: “And by the time we get there we’re 80 years old..”

David: “We’ve chased the carrot for sixty years, not being able to admit that we’ve lived an illusion…Career guidance, it’s not about chasing happiness, chasing security…It’s about choosing happiness, choosing security…”

David: “… any system is comprised of individuals of particular consciousness. With consciousness change, the quality and nature of the system will change. This doesn’t minimize the value of social advocacy…and even that starts with individual consciousness. I’m offering something. I’m endeavoring to cultivate my own consciousness, and refine my own spiritual consciousness, and to the extent that I’m effective at that, …I’ll be more potent, more pure, I’ll be effective in, not controlling, in influencing others to wake up ….for those who don’t receive what I’m offering, I could get into analyzing them, ……or I could get into what is it about myself that’s not refined enough, compassionate enough, clear enough, such that I’m not inspiring more people to receive what I’m answering….”

Steve Toth: “What an excellent answer.…I’ve probably interviewed over 4000 guests in the last few years. You’re the first one to have ever answered this the right way…”

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Interview With Steve Toth

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