An Opportunity for a Fulfilling Career of Service to the Highest Aspirations of Humanity

The Satvatove Institute Create With Your Words with Satvatove CoachingSchool of Transformative Coaching (SISTC) offers you an opportunity to master the art and science of spiritual life coaching. Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching (PPTC), the foundational coach training course of SISTC, emphasizes the science of self-realization as a basis for facilitating others to achieve a life of profound fulfillment and extraordinary accomplishment.

“Science” indicates an experiential process within the context of a sound and complete philosophical model. Transformative Communication, as the theoretical and applied framework for the spiritual life coaching practiced and taught at Satvatove, provides principles for self-development solidly grounded in ancient wisdom traditions, integrated into an experiential learning model aligned with the most powerful, cutting edge practices of the human potential movement. This combination, unique to Satvatove Institute’s spiritual life coaching program, supports and challenges you to excellence, to being a potent force for your clients to live a life of sublime purpose that springs from the essence of their being.

Capacity to coach others is strongly correlated with the personal development of the coach, and thus PPTC focuses, along with training in skills, techniques and principles, on cultivating the self-awareness of the coach. By participating in Satvatove’s spiritual life coaching program, you’ll find your own personal spiritual realizations deepened and strengthened.

“The personal development aspect of the Satvatove Transformative Coaching Training Program has moved me a few quantum leaps forward in my intra-personal, interpersonal and spiritual growth. And, because of the incredible coaching skills I gained from Satvatove’s spiritual life coaching course, Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching, I’ve had the confidence to step up and establish my Spiritual Life Coaching practice. I sincerely appreciate the depth of understanding about principles of coaching and transformation. This empowers me to be wise and flexible in supporting clients to discover paradigm-busting insights. Now I’m able to serve others, usually with remarkable results, doing something that is profoundly rewarding for me, and be well compensated financially for doing it.”
David Aycrigg- New Zealand

“Satvatove’s spiritual life coaching program has been one of the most powerful, enriching and transformative experiences in my life. I started the program wanting to develop and expand my ability to serve others in their personal growth and healing. I got so much more than what I could have envisaged or even bargained for! The service I wanted to give to others I found first for my own self through this program… I found the structure of the program very enlivening and empowering – within this structure I found enough framework to guide me alongside plenty of space to apply and integrate my own creativity and ideas. The content of this spiritual life coaching program was challenging, stretching and supportive. What I especially appreciated was that it was well-rounded and balanced… And lastly but definitely not least, the amount of care, support and nurturance I experienced throughout the program was a gift unsurpassed. All the energy and effort I put into the program I received a thousand-fold in return through unconditional support, constant care and compassionate challenge. I feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity this program offered by Satvatove.”
Fayenen Lathrenwen- Wales

“By going through the Satvatove spiritual life coaching program I entered deeply into what I believe is our nature – we all have the potential to manifest qualities that contribute to making the world a better place, because those qualities are inside each of us. The coach training powerfully supported me to manifest the qualities I have inside and offer them to the world. The integration of grounded and powerful skill development on a foundation of genuine spiritual principles makes the Satvatove coaching process complete. The Transformative Communication approach to coaching and coach training offers unmatched support to anyone who is interested in excellent communication, clear relationships and personal growth. This has been a tremendous experience in establishing myself as a coaching professional.”
Annette Bonomo- Switzerland

The next Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching (PPTC) will begin in mid- to late September, 2011. It will be offered in the form of 36 2-hour teleclasses. This spiritual life coaching course is designed to facilitate distance learning, and thus physical presence at Satvatove’s headquarters in Florida is not required. To view the course syllabus, visit https://satvatove.com/syllabus.pdf. To register for the course, write to coaching@satvatove.com.

Dr. David Wolf, author of Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious living and founder of the Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching, has been training and supervising coaches, counselors and therapists for more than 30 years. His distinctive approach to spiritual life coaching, coach training, and personal transformation has impacted tens of thousands of people worldwide.

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