Excerpt From A Coaching Letter Written By David Wolf

In this letter David points to how we stifle our growth and self-discovery by our judgments.

. . . I hear how you are noticing your tendency to give the power for and control of your experience to [  ]. It seems that you’re not just noticing it, you’re also judging yourself for it.

“Judging” in the sense that your reaction is not merely “I’m not satisfied and I’m committed to change,” but rather “This isn’t good”. I mention this because oftentimes if our inspiration for change comes from a place of self-acceptance, we’re more likely to succeed at and enjoy the process, compared with when our motivation is driven by harsh self-judgment. I’m not saying that you’re reaction necessarily indicates harsh self-judgment. I’m perceiving that there is something in you, in connection with your relationship with [ ], that you want to shift. You sense that there is a growth opportunity here. In pursuing that self-discovery I encourage you to look at the consciousness behind it, in the spirit of  “The consciousness that created a problem is not able to resolve the problem.” . . .

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