How Am I A Unique Individual?

How Can I Truly Accept Myself As I Am?

How Can I Accept Reality As It Is?

How Can I Live On Purpose?

All these are questions that I have asked myself and continue to live in. Do you ask yourself these questions? What answers have you uncovered?

In Satvatove 3: An Adventure in Conscious Living, each participant got the opportunity to ask themselves these questions. I got to delve deeply into these questions. I gained experiential realization about each of these soul-searching, life-defining enquiries.

Brajarani, a fellow Satvatove 3 graduate, wrote, “… with each process I felt closer and closer to my soul, the ultimate divine power and my life purpose in connection with that.”

Serene shared “I left feeling complete, peaceful, fully satisfied and deeply connected to myself and my eternal relationship with God… I left with a newfound urgency to live my life on purpose.”

What would it be like for you to give yourself the gift of this experience? How would your life be different?

Marie, another fellow Satvatove 3 graduate, expressed “My heart feels open, at last, with a tremendous new sense of peace, calm, and acceptance of myself and others that I have not known before.”

Lacey shared “I experienced what a conscious world looks and feels like and I am more confident about a conscious world happening now rather than some day in the distant future.”

What would your life and relationships look life if you were to create this experience for yourself? What difference would it make for you to live from an accepting, peaceful and open heart? What would a conscious world look and feel like for you?

I know for me personally life hasn’t looked the same since. Reality may be the same reality within which I lived before, yet my experience of it is different. Instead of being at the mercy of my stubborn resistances I more easily get to choose and experience acceptance. Rather than drown in the deadening folds of meaninglessness I get to constantly live in an unfolding life of purposefulness. Where I saw threat I now see benevolence. Where I experienced loneliness I now experience community. Where once I fought, I now surrender.

I humbly invite you to consider what your life could be like if you were to delve ever more deeply into the principles and experiences of acceptance, purposefulness, responsibility and conscious choice.

I wholeheartedly invite you to give yourself the gift of this Satvatove 3 experience.

What value would you, your family, friends and community at large gain by you giving yourself this experience?

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