Personal potential. Who is this person with vast potential? This really is a vital question. Without clarity about it, or at least carefully considering it, we may find ourselves embodying the quote of former University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal- “Potential means you ain’t done it yet.”

Distinctions, Golf Clubs, and Powerful Questions

Knowledge is power, and knowledge comes from being able to make distinctions. We can realize this in any field of study or endeavor. No one gets excited in my household when I take a turn at cooking. Apparently I lack proficiency in making distinctions with regard to spicing, combinations of ingredients, etc. An expert golfer makes fine distinctions between each of the clubs in his bag. For a non-golfer a bag of 14 clubs might seem like, well, 13 too many.

The most essential science, or pursuit, is the science of self-realization, and thus it makes sense that capacity for distinction is crucial in our efforts at knowing ourselves, in realizing personal potential. Vedavyas, the compiler of the Vedas, a renowned source of ancient wisdom, stated “The highest truth is reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all.” This applies, firstly, to ourselves. Unlocking our personal potential is intrinsically connected with differentiating reality from illusion within ourselves. In applying this principle, we might productive ask ourselves questions such as “Where am I deceiving myself,” “What are my false assumptions,” “How do I limit myself,” “Where do I let fear get in the way,” “What am I withholding,” “Where might I be in denial,” “What have I been avoiding,” “In what ways am I playing a small game,” “What am I being right about,” “Where am I asleep at the wheel,” “What am I settling for,” “Where am I incomplete,” “How do I sabotage myself,” and “Where am I selling out on myself”.

To the extent that we realize ourselves as unique distinctions, with special contributions and purposes, we’ll be empowered to express our personal potential in distinctive ways. Often this requires courageous introspection to distinguish between that which is authentic, and what has been a convenient, albeit unsatisfying, facade. To quote Carl Rogers “…To remove a mask which you had thought was part of your real self can be a deeply disturbing experience…”

Insight, Action, and Realizing Personal Potential

While the Satvatove process of Transformative Communication includes introspection leading to empowered action, we also emphasize action that itself inspires inner transformation. As Jerome Bruner said, “You’re more likely to act yourself into feelings than feel yourself into action”. With this in mind, consider an area where your personal potential has stayed in “potential” for a lot longer than you’re comfortable with. What are three things you could do in the next week to transform potential into fulfilling action? These could be small, even apparently insignificant acts- still, express concretely what they are- mentally, or, better yet, in writing (people who write down their goals are substantially more likely to achieve them). …..Okay, now, of those three things, which of them are you ready to commit to actualize in the next week? To further solidify this exercise, consider sharing your commitment(s) with a friend, to engage them in supporting and challenging you in your process of transforming personal potential into an extraordinary life of fulfillment and distinction.

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