My experience organizing the recent seminars in Florida has been an excellent mirror and challenging pathway for my personal development. Each breakthrough and breakdown has been a gift of awareness about how I relate to my personal power. This has sharpened my focus on how I can grow by choosing to BE powerful at each moment.

I see inviting friends and acquaintances to the courses as simply taking a stand to offer personal transformation. This stand has invoked an array of responses. When the process naturally flows into someone registering for the course, it has been fun. When someone clearly knows they do not want to attend, then my experience has also been light and easy. BUT THEN, there are those who want the transformation they sense is possible, and yet, as might be expected, they feel there are reasons why they cannot attend. It is here that we both face looking inward to see who we are, what do we want to be, and what shall we choose.

When I am assisting someone to look inward, I have often wrestled with my own fears about how I am perceived when the other person is challenged by this process. At those times I have a choice. I can choose comfort, and drop this stand for the growth of the other, or I can be the change I want to see in the world by caring enough about the other person to courageously offer them a chance to grow- which of course means I am choosing to grow.

I took the Foundational and Advanced Course at the end of 2009. The personal transformation I have undergone has been a continually unfolding process these last two and a half years. Being a Satvatove course organizer has shifted my growth into high gear. In this role I’m certainly not always comfortable, but I am so obviously blessed to have this opportunity.

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