Excerpt From A Coaching Letter РBy David B. Wolf

I hear that it is important for you to be open and honest with your mother. My suggestion, then, is to be open and honest with her. Be that way. And, respect and honor her for however she chooses to respond. She might be so appreciative, touched, and inspired. She might become angry, or hurt. I suggest that you take full responsibility for being open and honest. Your openness and honesty is 0% dependent on your mother, and 100% dependent on you. Go into this without expectations. Let however she responds be okay, while you are committed to continually being open and honest. Of course, you want to express your openness and honesty in a way that is as sensitive and empathic as possible, and I’ll be glad to consider with you how best to accomplish this. Being open and honest, express yourself as best as you are able, and give her space to respond as she chooses, and then you continue to be open and honest in relationship with your mother.

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