“Satvatove 3 for me was like visiting an island where conscious living actually takes place. A few minutes in to the seminar I experienced a change in the quality of my breathing – I had more volume to breathe. It was as though my centre expanded, creating a space inside myself to simply be. I saw very clearly how I am knocked off my centre again and again, how I am responsible for this, and I learned some great tools that bring me back to my centre, the sacred space within myself. I am walking through life now with a deeper connection to an inner peace, trust and joy. It is a connection that cannot be cut so easily, as I had a chance to experience myself living from that place for four full days and I have gained more understanding about how to stay connected to that place inside myself. It was like visiting an island, not a holiday island up in the clouds, but an island where deep spirituality is highly grounded and applied. In my experience it was like a practice field, where we learn to see the divine arrangement and the blessing in each moment of our life, no matter how difficult the challenges are.

I cannot say I am a different person, that I have changed in this course. I am still the same. What is different is that what I present to the outside world seems to be more closely aligned with who I am inside. Whereas before the seminar I found myself feeling not understood or misunderstood in many places, building up a lot of frustration, I now experience more often that people really get me. They get what I mean, what my motivation is, and I walk through life feeling joyful and appreciative of the people around me, and I am open to receive appreciation from them too. In the past years I have worked a lot on assertiveness, setting my boundaries. And also in this area I felt somewhat frustrated, as I was clear about my boundaries, and I would attempt to express them, using all the right tools, but without much power or effect. What I experience now since the seminar is that most of the time people respect my boundaries naturally, sometimes without me even expressing them. They get me without separate endeavour from my side. That is quite amazing and it puzzles me at times!

Satvatove 3 is a beautiful experience, one that I wish for everyone to get a chance to experience. It is a proof that God exists, that Spirit exists, that we are Spirit, that life force is within us, waiting to unfold itself, urging us to sing and dance through life, eager to spill itself out and create a joyful experience of life.”

By Annette
December 2011, Switzerland

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