In this remarkable interactive conversation hear about the vital importance of knowing who you are, and what you really want. When we live from a place of seeking approval, and trying to look good, “. . . even if we get some affection, approval, acceptance, we’re not satisfied…because it’s not us; we’re not putting ourselves out there . . . ”

On the other hand, when ” . . . we’re committed to living authentic lives, … then whatever comes my way, I know some people will love me, really respect me, appreciate what I’m doing, and some won’t, and that’s okay….I’ll feel satisfied with myself. I’m not living life to look good anymore. When we’re living a life we love, is that attractive, or what?….whereas if I hide out, and live a life that I think will look good, some people will approve of it, and some will criticize anyway . . .”

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