Excerpt from a coaching letter written by Dr. David Wolf :

Client: Could you explain to me the distinction between being authentic and indulging in negative feelings?
David: “My understanding of the distinction between authenticity and indulgence in negative feelings is that authentic expression is life-enriching, energizing personal growth and upliftment of consciousness for ourselves and others. We may authentically experience and express emotions that may be painful and unpleasant, such as anger, pain, shame, hurt, and fear, in a way that elevates awareness and is genuinely healing, healthy and releasing. That’s different than indulgence in negative feelings, which I view as a grungy way to justify hanging onto toxic emotions such as resentment, depression, etc., perhaps under the guise of “expressing my feelings”. The consciousness behind authenticity is sincerely life-enhancing, whereas the consciousness behind indulgence in negativity is life draining. In both cases there may be expression of feelings, though the result is quite different. Authenticity is liberating, whereas negativity indulgence entangles us further in unhealthy and unproductive emotional patterns.”

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