Giving & Receiving

Excerpt From A Coaching Letter Written By David B Wolf

… Sometimes we specifically make a distinction between receiving and taking. In taking we drain energy. We can even appear to be giving, and doing it in a way that drains energy. If we are truly open to receive what someone else has to give, then this receiving is a way of giving, because it enriches relationship, energizes all involved. If we are closed down to such receiving, then we stifle the energy of the relationship. It is important that we continually receive. That is a part of personal growth. Receiving the gifts of others, in the form of affection, caring, challenge, etc., we fill ourselves up with “medicine”, and thereby we consistently are filled with love to give in our lives. With regard to giving, if we are giving from the right place, we will be inspired. If we find our giving efforts give rise to resentment, tiredness, feeing drained, then probably are giving is mixed with a taking consciousness …

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