From Visvambhar

“ “Living as the soul”. That realization has been the most powerful for me, having taken the Satvatove Advanced Seminar. Throughout my life, I have heard that we are spiritual beings, not of this mundane body and mind. That our material experiences are due to the mind and ego, but that the goal is to transcend these things and live as the soul.

But how to live as the soul? I have come closer to this answer through Satvatove. The soul is truth, pure consciousness, integrity, energetic, and full of happiness. Through the Satvatove Seminars, I feel more connected to the real me, the soul. I know the tools to be the genuine spiritual being that I know I am, but it has gone beyond theoretical. I find myself more secure within myself. I can walk as the soul, I can talk as the soul, I can live as the soul”

Visvambhar Sheth – musician
Satvatove, Advanced Seminar Experience, 2010

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