by Lacey Nagy

“Wow, Lacey, you look different.”

“I do? What about me is different?”

“Your eyes are softer and you’re holding yourself differently. You seem more peaceful and secure,” my friend said. I have been working with this friend, who is also a Rolfing professional, on straightening my body structure. She has a gift at noticing subtle changes in posture and energy and according to her my change was profound.

“So, you got a lot out of the Satvatove 3 Course,” she said assumingly.

“I did.”

She was one of a handful of my friends who noticed not only an internal change, but a physical change in my structure and face. Since experiencing the “Satvatove 3, An Adventure in Conscious Living”, people close to me have said, “Wow, Lacey, you look different. What have you been up to?”

Maybe I appear different because I connected with the limitless peace and freedom that is available to me while being on purpose with my life. I am currently reinventing myself and going for my highest dream…something I have been scared of and avoiding until now. In the course, I saw myself in a future moment doing what I’ve always wanted to do and feeling more peaceful and alive than I ever have before. I saw that there was nothing for me to be afraid of, that in fact, “being” on purpose was an effortless stream that washed away the fear-nonsense I had been carrying by playing small.

For me, the course had “sneaky enlightenment” laced through every process. I could not place my finger on what was happening with me. I came into the course feeling powerless and enraged by someone who had been sending me harassing phone calls and by the end of the course, I was no longer bothered by the pettiness of that experience. I felt light and free.

I had melted into a pool of God’s Unconditional Love for me. I experienced what a conscious

world looks and feels like and I am more confident about a conscious world happening now rather than some day in the distant future. For me, the Satvatove 3rd Level Course is a uniquely powerful vehicle for conscious living and being happy and free for no particular reason.

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