“Thank you for this experience! It allowed me and my brother to face our business in a clear and conscious way. It allowed me to be a witness and to be witnessed in a sacred space…to expose my fears, to share my uncertainties and to be heard, truly for the first time in a long time. It helped me to find my voice and to deepen my relationships to strangers and old friends. It strengthened my confidence in being able to face any challenge or obstacle. I realized that vulnerability, authenticity and truth makes me courageous and powerful. I learned about my stories and how universal those stories can be. I began to touch the truth of what empowerment means. I learned about the power of keeping agreements. I learned that many of the skills I’ve cultivated are valuable and appreciated by others… I realized that I am my only obstacle to true self-exploration… Thank you for all that you have given me.”

Sheniz Kassam
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

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