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“Hey everyone.

I have never been a person to really go deep here but I am not afraid and I’d like to share my experience with everyone. Over the last two and a half weeks I have attended the Foundational and Advanced Courses at the Satvatove Institute

Simply put, these seminars allow you to become the person you have always wanted to be. I have been through a dramatic transformation emotionally and mentally. The core focus is on communication. Communication with yourself and with others. It is quite amazing how much is not said when you are talking to someone. Not being sure whether they have received what you have spoken as what you mean and not receiving what they have said on the other end causes problems. I mean think of how often a mis-communication has caused problems in your life that could be avoided or even dissolved entirely if there was clear and concise communication.

I would like to give you an example of something that happened in my life. I know for me that a few months ago I got out of a relationship with a girl. Actually I was dumped… twice. Something that has never happened to me before. Usually I don’t allow that or I am not interested long enough in a girl to really give a damn. But with this recent relationship which lasted about 8 months total, I decided to let myself.. Love someone.

I fell head over heels for this girl. In fact she was exactly what I have been looking for in a woman in a long time. In every way she was what I wanted. We fell deeply for each other. Spent every second we could spare with each other and loved it all the while. I felt such a connection with this person, a connection that makes you believe that True Love is out there. Sounds perfect right? Wrong. She left me, for a lot of reasons which I won’t discuss here but My issue was letting her go. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, i couldn’t get her out of my head. Because I let her so fully into my life, everything in my life reminded me of her. I was going literally insane. I couldn’t trust myself. I couldn’t understand how I could allow myself to be so hurt by her and let it happen twice, wouldn’t i learn the first time? Obviously not. I went through weeks of torture. Beating myself up because I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong.

Satvatove came into my life through her oddly enough. We were going to go to the seminars together, but being broken up I wasn’t going to go and she gave her spot away. After reading on their website what there mission was, I decided to still go. A decision I am so grateful I made. I thought that what I was doing wasn’t working, I HAVE to change something. My life was falling apart. I was going deep into debt, my relationships with my friends and family were deteriorating, I was doing very poorly at work and had a horrible attitude.

Through many hours I discovered that she filled a gap in my life. A large gap that i had been lacking. A gap i didn’t even realize was there. The reason I say that is because my father has never told me “i Love you” in my entire life. I had never even thought once about it before. But apparently it had damaged me so deeply during my childhood that I have carried that into my adult life. Because I was receiving affection and love from my girlfriend, I attached to that with an iron grip. And when it was gone I was completely destroyed.

By taking these courses I have become aware of who I really am. I have given up so many demons, so many things plaguing me, so many things that bring me down- eliminating self-degrading mental recordings. Since that time- IE- Last night… lol I have accepted that whatever relationship my ex is willing to have with me is OK. I don’t need her love any longer. I am not saying that it would not be nice to get back together but, the agenda is different. The motivation for the relationship is on a completely different level. Its not out of need, its out of a true desire to experience this person, not make up for my own short comings. Last night I even had the self-confidence to confront my father and ask him why he has never told me the loved me, and shown affection. He was speechless. In that moment I realized something. His mother died when he was 9, his father was an asshole. He probably didn’t know any better. Which is not his fault. But the real thing now is that I do not have to follow him as I have. I can love other people, and I can love myself. When I have children I will know better. I will not treat them as I was treated.

I believe from an example like that, people can change the world. There will be one fewer person who lets their thoughts and emotions control them. Instead they are aware of who they really are and how they affect each and every person they encounter.

I know this is a long read, but this was something that I will take with me my entire life. The people that shared this experience with me will be forever changed and so will I. These courses allow you to become the person you have always dreamed of being.

Thanks for listening everyone. I am a Trustworthy, Self Confident, Valuable and Lovable Human Being.”

Peter Sessler

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