“I have taken all of the Satvatove courses, been involved in a Life Mastery Program, and am also attending the Life Apprentiship program in the fall. Of all the courses, Satvatove 3 was the most impactful for me. I feel that I walked away from that course a totally different human being with a whole new perspective on life. I was finally able to grasp the true concept of what taking full responsibility for my life meant. I was finally able to detach from my expectations that I held for certain loved ones in my life. I was able to look upon a situation and clearly detach the emotion from the reality of what was going on and then clearly and responsibly choose how I am going to react. Now, I live in higher state of ‘God consciousness’ and remembering how I co create everything in my life. I am fully responsible for the results in my life. I highly recommend this course to everyone I know. I want to take it again. It integrates much of the knowledge from the other courses, but it still impacted me tremendously beyond what I ever thought. It was a beautiful gift to my soul, my emotional well being, and it has helped my life in every single area. I encourage you also to give yourself this gift.”

Mia Johnson
Satvatove 3: An Adventure in Conscious Living – June, 2011

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