“Recently I attended the Level 3 Workshop: An Adventure in Conscious Living. I am filled with gratitude for the experience and for those who made the journey with me. The workshop was brilliantly designed so that it was perfect for my self-development and spiritual realization. The rich, vital experience was filled with blessings and resulted in lasting changes. Through it I am learning about living as a distinction.

I have been attending Satvatove workshops for a little over a year. All the workshops have been life-changing experiences. The Level 3 adventure, however, has been the most powerful experience I have had so far. During the thrill-filled four days, I found the “1” that makes the string of zeros valuable. In the process of finding the “1”, I also let go of baggage that I thought would be forever with me. There wasn’t as much ripping out the weeds from the garden of the heart as in earlier workshops. This workshop was more about watering the flowers. My heart feels open, at last, with a tremendous new sense of peace, calm, and acceptance of myself and others that I have not known before. My heart is flourishing. Recently, as I was having computer problems, I noticed that I responded with calm rather than reacting with anger and a desire to destroy my laptop. For a Luddite like me, that’s truly an amazing breakthrough.”

Marie Brazis
Satvatove 3 – September 2010

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