“My experience with the Satvatove Advanced Seminar was beyond my expectations and imagination. I went with an open mind and ready to break through what ever it was that was stopping me in my life. The experience I had was deep and healing. The staff was amazing in their support and love that felt safe for me during my own process.

It is hard for me to describe the way I feel in a ‘before and after’

Satvatove Advanced, however it is the best thing I have ever done for myself and my growth.  Not saying it was all easy for me and pushing myself beyond 100% to make sure I would reach my end goal. And did I reach my end goal you ask? Yes I did and more. The discoveries I made about myself are priceless.

David and Marie knew exactly what I needed during the seminar. Their commitment, knowledge and loving presence was perfect for me. I highly recommend Satvatove Advanced Seminar to anyone who is committed to their self growth and creating the life that they want. Are you committed?”

Rev. Mary Madeline Day – Divine Life Coach ~ EFT Practitioner
Advanced seminar – Florida July 2010

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