The first thing I would like to say is that I have attended personal growth and transformational seminars all over the country for the last thirteen years of life and nothing has touched me so deeply or assisted me so quickly in discovering deeply embedded patterns and also offering the tools or ‘the way out’. I feel that the intelligence that went behind developing the exercises in the exact sequence that they were presented is nothing short of ingenious. I felt really safe and supported by the environment that you create.

The most powerful moment for me was when you shared that the biggest roadblock to communication is stating: ‘I know that’. Hearing that allowed me to listen more vulnerably and openly than I normally or habitually would have, so I appreciate that. I also appreciate the suicide prevention segment, its important and felt important to me in that moment. I am not exactly sure what all the elements are that create such an impactful experience compared to all the other personal growth and spiritual awareness work I have done, but whatever it is please don’t ever stop doing it. 🙂

I also appreciate the ongoing ways that you provide for participants to be involved with Satvatove through coaching, further trainings and courses, etc… thanks for changing my life. Thanks for being here on Earth at this time. Both of your caring commitment to humanity and to God shines through like I have never seen and I have met many committed, loving, conscious people. I have never encountered anything like Satvatove before. How powerful. Thank you.”

Kylie Devi
Foundational Seminar – Florida March 2011

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