I was highly skeptical. Very untrusting. I only went to the foundational because my girlfriend had won a free ticket in a raffle. That course was enough to open my eyes to the possibility of more. I was very hesitant at first about the advanced course and at a certain point during the course I didn’t want to come back. However, after going all the way through I am so glad that I did! Satvatove allowed me to get back in touch with myself. It unlocked some deeper truths about myself that I had buried very deep. I left the course feeling much more in alignment with my true self. I am no longer sleepwalking through life. Things that seemed hard before are now easier. There is much less fear and worry and doubt in my life. As I remain conscious good fortune happens around me just by being present with life. I am not stumbling in the dark, instead I am now walking with eyes open. I encourage everyone to give themselves this gift. It’s repeatable science, it works.”

Advanced seminar – Florida July 2010

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