“I wanted to share a few things with everyone, as they to have been profound and meaningful in my life. If it speaks to you, I am elated that it reached you, and if it doesn’t, disregard it and move forward from where you sit.

First honorable mention, Satvatove at, is a seminar that is held in Gainesville Florida and many other places. The founder has a book that is called Relationships that Work, the Power of Conscious Living by David B. Wolf, which is a minute insight of the courses, it is the experience that matters.

There are three parts of participation, that is the Foundational course, the Advanced course and the Life Mastery Program.

The Foundational brings many great communication tools and life tools to help a person communicate at higher level. My experience of this first course is that it truly helped me open myself to say and do what I really mean, this means not holding back, but truly I was able to express what is true for me in the moment I feel the need to. It also helped me communicate with people, where I am truly able to enter another persons world and be there to hold space for a person. In conversations, I experience that I often put in advice, questions, directions to help, but it doesn’t allow a person to fully express what needs to be said. This course has expanded my ability to express myself and truly helped me uncover why I am so valuable. I can listen with full intention of hearing in a place that suspends judgements and allows people to be comfortable. I had so many realizations and introspective outcomes, that was rooted from my childhood, and my life, and they were discovered and uncovered, by my willingness to put my self in this course and know that I was going to get the most from it. So it was….

The next course was the Advanced course. This was truly more deep, what I experienced was more than just listening tools and life tools, it was profound introspection of my many painful feelings. What I had felt was over for me in the first course was just the beginning in the Advanced, I had uncovered so many layers of life patterns and habits. There was some deep introspection as to how they have connected to my childhood, and how I truly feel about these deep things in my life. This was just the beginning of my own shifting, as I was put into hyper drive after leaving the course, there was more growth I was uncovering about myself.

The seminars begin when you leave these courses as everything you have learned is taken into your life to flourish and continue your growth. I have and continue to make many realizations in my life that are continually helping me connect with who I truly am. I am whole and complete. This uncovering of myself is continuous, as I shared in the retreat, that my most recent realization is that I avoid pain in my closest relationships, and I now know very differently. I am willing to go there in a painful situation, and be that light, love and nurturing being that I know I am.”

Jessica T.

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