From the Courses in Vrindavan, India

Read some comments from graduates of the recent Satvatove Vrndavana experience.

After the Foundational Seminar S. K. Boehm commented “It was a mind-blowing experience.” And after the Advanced Seminar Experience she wrote “The Satvatove Advanced Seminar opened new dimensions of myself to me. I am now able to do things I thought to be impossible before. I got some great tools for communication and relationships. I realized that I have much unused potential in myself, which I am now going to apply in my life.”

Stefano, father of Sanaka (who organized these Vrndavana seminars), expressed:

“Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Satvatove courses in Vrndavana. This was a kind of journey inside myself. Due to my intense desire to change and the great help of Sanaka, I experienced amazing results. The most important result for me- it was feeling my heart opening to the love for my son. I found my son after 32 years.”

And Maria, Sanaka’s mother, shared: “During my life I have tried many things in the attempt to overcome my self-destructive mental and emotional tendencies and habits. The Satvatove seminar was the most powerful healing experience to date; it was an amazing journey that brought me from the darkness of my heart to the light of my genuine healthy self. I experienced the seminar as a sort of rebirth, guided and supported by loving, dedicated and qualified people.”

Priya, who travelled from Florida to India for the courses, wrote “…I had a magical experience with all of you…”

A sannyasi is a member of the renounced order of life in the Vedic spiritually-based social system. We had a sannyasi in the Vrndavana courses- Visnu Swami, who shared:

“I feel really good after the Satvatove Experience. In the beginning when David was talking about transformation I thought that it was just a catchy way to sell the Satvatove advanced course. But to my pleasant surprise I feel transformed. The entire world looks different now. I feel more confident, balanced and capable then I ever did. I feel that now with clear intention and…accountability, actually with just everything from Satvatove, I can achieve anything. For a long time I ‘ve been wanting to get a few things established in my day and life, like an exercise program, reading and studying etc and now I am actually doing them. I am not stressed out all the time like I used to be. …The whole experience has just been magical. And being with this special group made it even better. I really don’t think it would have been the same magic with a different group….I got in a little disagreement with my little brother. I hurt his feelings. I was annoyed with him and he was annoyed with me. Normally when this happens I just say something that makes me feel that I am the ‘good guy’ and that makes me feel that I am right, we would ignore what happened and forget about it (or pretend to forget about it). But this time I busted out the Satvatove stuff and really listened to him and reflected. It worked!! The bad feelings all disappeared and we had an amazingly close connection with each other. It was great!!”

From Bimala Naysmith, about the Foundational Seminar- “I had already participated in the Foundational before, so I somewhat knew what to expect. I don’t think though I had anticipated how much I would realise this time round. I definitely feel this really is the beginning for me…”

And about his Advanced Course experience- “The Advanced Course really allowed me to get in touch with myself- Allowing me to communicate and understand others around me in a far deeper and richer way. I have already used some of the tools in my communication with my partner and understand where she is coming from and what she is saying…”


Foundational- “I can see how if the number of people with these tools increased, so would the quality of communication…”

Advanced- “… I have never cried so much. I have never laughed so much. I have never danced so much. I miss the experience in all its intensity, fear, and joy. I felt so safe and vulnerable at the same time. It was a challenge for me to break through the numbness and though I did not feel as successful as others, that was my challenge: to fight that numbness and learn more about myself regardless. What a grand group of people to have on that journey!

“Though it is too soon to honestly know the true difference, I definitely feel a change between the person I was walking in, and the person I was walking out. …I feel like I got more of an idea of what I want out of life and who I am as a person. …Thank you once again for my experience. I have shared with so many people the alternative perspective you brought about, especially taking responsibility for the choices I make…”


I had a breakthrough during a debate (one could even say argument;o)) …where at first neither of us wanted to get into the other’s world, so we just kept emphasizing our own point/experience. The conversation was going downhill fast and I realized that I could choose to get into his world.  I knew it would make him feel happy and understood. However, my ego didn’t want to because I was worried that my point wouldn’t be heard in the end, or would end up being minimized if I understood and valued his….:o)  BUT I decided to do some reflective listening anyway, and I actually ended up finding it quite fun. As he got more and more happy and felt more and more understood, I found myself actually loving it and getting really into the empathy of it.   By the end I was shocked to find that I didn’t even care about my point being heard, and EVEN more shocking is that by the end of it I didn’t even care much about my point altogether; It no longer mattered to me as much as it had at first……and I felt uplifted…… So I will try this again, especially when I am attached to not letting go of my view/point….I’ll even gather the courage to try it with those close to me, where it is needed most, and yet harder to do. I’ll risk my point not being valued, in order to create a space where those close to me feel honored, and their point valued……..”

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