“David had the ‘sight’ to see into an aspect of a disowned part of myself and confronted me on it,

helping me to realize something that I had cast into my shadow. David also, through his astuteness, tuned into how I was using transcendental ideas to deflect painful realities for myself. The way I see it is that David handed me a pin and helped me to see the inflated spiritual ego bubble I had wrapped myself in and then presented me with the opportunity to pop the bubble. This occurred in a demonstration to the group where he used empathic

listening and mirrored back to me my own emotions and words. It was life-changing to see this divide between the spiritual ideals that I want to govern my experience and where I’m at. It was very valuable to see where I am at in several ways on my healing journey. I also now see myself as competent to communicate with people in emotionally heightened or distressed states, which I didn’t prior to the course. Profoundly life changing!”

Eugena Rempel-Witten
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

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