My experience with the Satvatove advanced seminar was nothing less than amazing! I feel alive, happy, and brand new after having completed the course. I have reconnected with so many long hidden qualities such as assertiveness and self confidence. I am definitely feeling empowered to speak out and let my voice be heard. I have turned self hatred into self love. My commitment to maintaining my spiritual practices has deepened and for this I am most grateful.

Even down to the smallest detail, every aspect of the course has helped me to grow. I have learned practical ways to continue to make positive changes in my life as well. I spend much less time feeling sad and unhappy, and I feel more enthusiastic to move forward towards meeting my goals.

I have also learned the value of sharing honestly with others, and being real about who I am. I have a greater ability to choose the mood I want to experience, and not be carried away by depression. The advanced course has helped me to clear away tons of negative energy that I have been carrying around for years.

To anyone who is experiencing frustration and unhappiness in their lives I would definitely recommend the Satvatove courses.

Enid Sacasa – Teacher
Advanced seminar – Florida July 2010

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