“My experience of the Advanced Seminar was, to say the least, life changing. I am extremely grateful to David for putting the seminar experience together, because it impacted my life in such a remarkable way. I believe the best way for me to share my experience is to share how my life has changed. One huge thing that I’ve noticed is my relationships with my family, particularly my parents, getting exponentially better. Our conversations and interactions are happier, smoother, and our relationship is growing deeper every day. I no long do things because I think I ‘should’, and now put my effort toward things I actually want, and not what I think I want, or think I should want. I feel much more in integrity with myself, and everyone around me, and it’s a great feeling. I am still very engaged in Satvatove and hope to continue my involvement with Satvatove for years to come.”

Devan Borsboom

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