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“…the structure just felt amazing at taking me to a realisation, then solidifying it, then the next realsiation and solidifying it – I felt nothing was wasted, it moved fast, but each experience was grasped and integrated. Aside from all the other miraculous things noted below, this structure and the inspirational personalisation by David and the team meant I left with the shift having happened, no going back, no doubt that it was ‘just an experience’, but that this is real life and now I see it.

So, Satvatove it is a profound and amazing experience for me.  And it was intense but not in my expected difficulties to overcome etc, but in the wow – this is life, and I want to live with this intensity for anything else would be a waste…

Satvatove has given me a connection to my essence and god. I am inspired and grounded to choose, and live my life to 100%.  And for that I sincerely thank you. I had no idea that a workshop & David’s inspiration could wake me up to that. It is really a gift.  Thank you.”

Clare Russell- England

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