“I found the Satvatove 3-Day Foundational Course to be one of the most positive and empowering experiences in my life.    I’m always searching for ways and means to gain a deeper and more fulfilling appreciation of my life and that was only one of the rewards I took from the program.   Actually learning how to verbalize the concept that the quality of your daily life is directly related to the quality of communication you have with yourself and those around you has been a great epiphany for me.   I have always been my own worst enemy and a supreme self saboteur but tried to maintain a certain sense of outward happiness to others.    Recognizing that I have to be honest and listen to myself as well has been the catalyst for real growth for me.

Working through the foundational course has helped me to establish a new and grand sense of self that won’t allow me to “play small” and be fearful to achieve the things that I’m more than capable of achieving with a clear intention.

There are so many new concepts that are reshaping my whole perspective on life that it’s hard to find the exact words to use to describe what it was like to attend your seminar.   From learning how all men and women are in charge of their own destiny and can achieve anything they set their mind to, to the concept of Sattva and how empathy and empathic listening can bring you closer to those you love………the list goes on and on.

From just taking a few steps down the path of courageous introspection and transformative communication that you have laid out in the Satvatove experience  I have achieved the type of personal growth that I previously thought was impossible.   My whole concept of self worth and my whole concept of the benefits of living from a “Sattvic” perspective have given me an inner strength that is almost irrationally powerful.

Personal growth that I once thought was unachievable is now not only achievable, but contagious and spreading like wildfire amongst my friends and colleagues.  All of this is almost solely on the basis of the people around me seeing an obvious change in my ways and outlook on life.

I cannot put a price or real words to the value of welcoming the core principles of the Satvatove Institute into my life and I deeply thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously.

Sincerely, Brad”
October Foundational – Gainesville

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