“Satvatove 3 is comprised of awesome exercises, deep spiritual truths, and tools to create mental peace. I got immense value from this course. Much of what I have gained from it is a progression of aspects of myself which I have been fostering for some time. I feel I now have the most established and tangible sense of peace with myself and gratitude for my lot, that I have ever had. Since the Satvatove 3 course, life has brought me a couple of disturbances, things which before would have bothered me for some time; and I found I was able to completely move on

from these and return to happiness, gratitude and peace, very quickly. It is as if my innate being has become set in a higher level of awareness and appreciation.

In Satvatove 3, I came to glean how having expectations of people, especially those most dear to me, inhibits relationships. No other course of personal development has been so effective in causing me to drop expectations of others. I have

experienced an about-turn in attitude toward my loved ones. Rather than expecting gratification or anything from them, my heart now wants to live for their gratification. This heartfelt transformation in attitude that has come upon me has widened love channels and enabled a higher quality of intimacy and affection to flow between others and I.

Responsibility is a very creative thing which?in the most significant inner sense?I have denied and shirked in my life. I had a spouse whom after many years I felt had let me down and failed to reciprocate what I gave to the relationship; and for some years I complained bitterly about this. Now, my tale of injustice and letdown has lost its validity, its righteousness. I now see from within that in my overall course of soul-evolution, my encounter with my spouse was not only meant to be, but was auspicious and beneficial. I have no grounds for grudge or making him wrong. Contentment and sobriety is gained from realising that I am responsible for my own life experience, and always have been.

Finding that I have the option to choose that which is inevitable in life is exhilerating. Actually choosing the things I can’t change, enables me to function far more happily and effectively with that which fortune allots. For example, in being a woman, if I choose to be a woman, that gives me a unique grip on my situation, and enhances my

sense of satisfaction.

Satvatove 3 has made me become more enthused about and focused on my goals. I find I can think more quickly and clearly, and even my memory seems to have sharpened.

In this human experience, expression is part of what we are comprised. I believe expression is not something to be taken for granted, but rather something to always be improving. Something which has inhibited my expression is the feeling that someone is judging or disapproving of me or thinking what I am saying is silly. Satvatove 3 helped me recognise my strengths in expression, as well as other areas, and it has diminished inhibitions caused by real or imagined judgements.

During Satvatove 3 I got present to a tone of boldness in my voice, which often I have unconciously allowed to permeate my speech, to conceal my vulnerablity, nervousness or uncertainty. I used to hide behind this tone of boldness or bravado in my voice, and now I do not do this anymore. Now, I feel safe and free to expose the beauty of my God-created genuineness.

In sincere communication, one needs to articulate and convey what one is feeling, what one is experiencing. For me to do this, it is first necessary to identify for myself what I am experiencing. If I identify what I am experiencing, that is the first step in communicating it accurately to others. The exercises in Satvatove 3 helped me clearly identify what I am experiencing from moment to moment in life, instead of being blinded by others’ perceived experiences and the bustle of goings on in the external world. This has enabled me to connect on a moment to moment basis with my inner being from where my feelings come. In identifying and connecting with my feelings, I can decide if the feeling is valid or not, and deal with it in an appropriate way. Without this process, I used to become consumed by a build-up of unconscious feelings and inner experiences, from which would stem general worry or stress, the cause to which I could not readily pinpoint. This has all changed since Satvatove 3. I am markedly more conscious of my inner being. Life has become an inner adventure as I watch myself from moment to moment; watch myself watching and listening to others; see and identify what I am experiencing; and from that standpoint, make my choices as to how to feel, respond and speak. It is a matter of gaining control of one’s mind, which means gaining control of one’s experience of life.

Lately I often find that simply by the process of identifying my inward experince, the experience fades away and becomes non-existent. When this happens, I see that that particular experience was an invalid one which was not serving me at all. Without the process of identifying the inner experience, the inner experience could have lingered in the background of my awareness, as an interfering filter, inhibiting my expression, my relationships, and my sense of well-being.

Sometimes I identify an inner experience with which I want to sit and ponder. Often, insights, inspirations and clarity come from being closely aware of my inner experiences. All this has come from Satvatove 3.

The course also brought to light the drama I made of life; what a lot of unnecessary detail and emotion I attached to happenings and events, thus causing my mind needless taxation and burden. The idiom ‘making mountains out of molehills’ took on fresh meaning. Considerable peace has come to me in relinquishing the drama of life. I’ve become freed to see myself more clearly, and thus guide myself to make clearer choices, to give input where I want and need to and not where I don’t, and to have a truer encounter with life’s situations.

It might seem like stating the obvious to say that, what I say to myself that I want, I actually want. But it was brought to my attention in Satvatove 3 that in fact I did not possess a readiness to accept what I declared I wanted. I was dismayed to find that there were areas in which I have been stating I want growth and advancement, but have been being deceitful with myself at a hidden level.

While other personal development and communication training has had me cleanse the house by sweeping under the carpets, dusting beneath the furniture and clearing out the closets, Satvatove 3 had me venturing down into the cellars and hidden vaults, and finding that there lurked unseen ghosts and dirty creatures, which were subtly subverting my good intentions in communicating authentically with others, achieving my goals, experiencing peace and contentment, and even growing spiritually.

What a Peter and a Judas I have been, telling myself I want peace and spiritual advancement, yet inwardly clinging to my own vices, impairing my own growth. With this self-cheating exposed by the processes in Satvatove 3, the way is now much clearer to achieve my personal goals and deepen spiritually.

Satvatove 3 – Gainesville

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