From Ananda Goldstein-Damerla

I have found your workshop choreography to be remarkably releasing, empowering and rejuvenating to peoples’ ability to face and heal the darkness, realize their potential way beyond their histories, as well as to greatly increase the capacity to fully love and be fully loved.   I have never seen it’s equal and I have studied with the best, with the inventors or those who studied with the inventors of processes from rebirthing to EST, Gestalt, Rolfing, Somatics, kundalini yoga, and other psychomeditative processes.  I have found your work to take people to just the right places.  I am impressed to see all that I have studied come alive in such a concentrated and devotional form. Previously, I have had the skillset, heart and intuition available to help others crack their shells.  But never have I seen it done on such a large scale, with such depth and breadth and in such a short time and such a grounded way.  This work has even been able to crack a bit of my shell.  Congratulations!  Wow.  Halleluyah!

Ananda Goldstein-Damerla

BA Psych, M Ed. (Master of Education)

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