Excerpt From A Coaching Letter – By David B. Wolf

“What is the distinction between excellence & perfection?”

One distinction that occurs to me in reading the above is that between demanding perfection and striving for excellence. Demanding perfection assumes some external standard and definition of perfection. Such

a mentality, combined with ourselves and the world not conforming to this standard, is the source of a variety of distressing emotional and cognitive states. A consciousness of striving for excellence perceives perfection in the process of life itself as it unfolds and manifests, without needing to adhere to some externally defined conception of perfection. Striving for excellence is consistent with giving fully, be-do-have, and all the strategies for living. In such a consciousness we naturally support and challenge ourselves and others to ever-higher and deeper levels of character and performance. This is done from a platform of acceptance, joy and inspiration, not from a place of judgment, need or scarcity. In aspiring for excellence we naturally have expectations, though we are not emotionally attached to those expectations. Thus, our full and unconditional giving is not dependent on whether we or others meet those expectations. Whether the expectations are met or not, we’re not going to go into grungy resentment, hostility, hurt, etc. Rather, we continue to respond with compassion and with focus on personal growth for everyone.

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