Attitude of Gratitude

Towards the end of December we held a Satvatove appreciation dinner here in North Florida, where, since 1999 there have been 25 Foundational Seminars, 14 Advanced Seminars, 8 Life Mastery Programs, and dozens of workshops and other Satvatove adventures. In attendance were about 20 Satvatove graduates who have contributed in special ways to sharing and expanding the impact of the Satvatove experience. Tears flowed. Laughter abounded. It was a memorably sweet experience, fulfilling in every respect- emotionally, spiritually, and gastronomically- as Dave cooked and we all stuffed ourselves beyond reasonable limits.

The special contributions represented at the dinner were quite diverse, covering areas such as accounting, video production, staffing, Satvatove Summit cruise organization, and assistance with room set-up for seminars. Reflecting on the past year I am moved to especially recognize those who took a stand and created a Satvatove seminar. Sometimes we say that if twenty people are interested and excited about a course happening in a particular locality- the course doesn’t happen. However, if one person has clear intention- “This course will happen”- then the seminar manifests. And of course, then the other 10, 20 or 30 who are enthusiastic contribute and synergize, around the one whose commitment is unshakable.

Sanya, Annette and Peter moved mountains in Switzerland to organize two combined Foundational/Advanced Seminars in 2009. This was the fourth set of Satvatove seminars organized by Sanya since 2006, and my heartfelt appreciation goes to her for these prodigious efforts.  There has been a resurgence in Satvatove spirit in North Florida, and Lacey is the main reason for this. Our gratitude goes to Lacey for organizing the Foundational in March, 2009, and fully energizing the other courses in North Florida with the many workshops she has arranged, her caring heart and her unstoppable determination. Breaking new ground (or perhaps, ice) were Tina and Krista. Tina refused to acknowledge any obstacles and organized a Foundational in Edmonton in February (-30 F in the sun), and Krista transcended all limitations in creating the Satvatove Foundational in Petersboro, Ontario. Bringing together international forces, Sanaka manifested an unforgettable spiritual, transformative experience in Vrndavana, India, in November. And special thanks to Govinda Syer for arranging for pervasive Satvatove presence, including several workshops and presentations, at the mela in Los Angeles, and for his ongoing, active support for the programs of Satvatove for the past decade.

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