Being Envy-free

Being envy-free is a key characteristic of a life of abundance. A scarcity mentality is symptomized by considering, subtly or overtly, that if someone is “getting more,” in whatever way, then there won’t be enough for me. Also it reflects scarcity to believe that if abundance is flowing into my life each day, each week, each year, then there won’t be sufficient for others. A scarcity consciousness leads to jealousy, envy, and other alienating qualities.

Abundance As An Intrinsic Part Of My Being

In abundance, we genuinely celebrate and appreciate the success of others. Win-win is natural, a life paradigm that emerges without separate endeavor from an abundance consciousness. Abundance of course doesn’t intrinsically relate to money, although abundance can flow through money. There could be a billionaire immersed in scarcity consciousness. If the motivation for accumulating money and achieving prosperity is out of insecurity, anger, or to prove something, than that indicates a scarcity mentality. If I’m not intrinsically connected with myself as abundant, secure, worthy, powerful, then even if I get the externals, I still don’t experience abundance, because I have not connected with this quality of abundance as an intrinsic part of my being. In fact, if I’m striving for externals in order to experience security, power, fulfillment, self-worth, then my implicit message is that I am inherently not secure, powerful, balanced, satisfied, etc. My core paradigm of life is founded in scarcity, in the misconception that I’m not complete in myself.

Abundance And Be-Do-Have

In this regard, there could be a penniless person fully absorbed in the consciousness of abundance. It’s not determined by anything external. Abundance consciousness comes from living in a be-do-have paradigm. “I am powerful, abundant, secure, loving.” From that position, I may choose to live in a cave. From that position I may choose to accumulate massive wealth. Either way, my experience of life as lively, radiant, balanced, complete, successful- is not dependent on whether those things are there are not.

Moving into a be-do-have paradigm of abundance consciousness begins with the relationship that we have with ourselves. If I am satisfied and content in myself, which is sattvic consciousness, or enlightened self-awareness, then there is no space for envying what others have, or for not wanting them to get what’s natural for them in their life. We celebrate the unfolding of life and the success and joy that comes to others. If we notice envy, or jealousy, or any component of scarcity mentality, then we can reflect inside and see what is happening, what’s the source of that.

We Are Whole and Complete

My stance, in my personal efforts at self-realization, and in coaching and facilitating others, is that we are all whole and complete. That completeness can be covered, distancing us from experiencing our intrinsic qualities. A diamond is always bright, pure and radiant, though it may be covered by a thin layer of dust, or thick layers of mud. The process of transformation, then, is one of uncovering, unfolding the essential qualities of our authentic nature, as spiritual beings having a human experience, in connection with self and the divine.

Let us consider, then, in what areas of our lives we are living in abundance, and in what areas are we in scarcity? And, with what qualities in ourselves do we need to connect in order to radiate abundance?

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