Excerpt From A Coaching Letter – By David B. Wolf

I think it important to realize, at least philosophically, that, yes, in a moment I can choose to let go of decades, maybe lifetimes, of conditioning, and thereby change. While acknowledging that possibility, it’s also often essential to realize that, practically speaking, I am influenced by my conditioning, past habits, past and current association, etc. Acknowledging those influences, being 100% responsible for my life, experience and results might look like, for example, joining Alcoholics Anonymous, or adjusting my association so that I surround myself with persons who will be more supportive of me changing the way that I say I want to, etc. If I have decades of addiction to excessively eating sweets- sure, I could in a moment give up that addictive habit. That’s possible.

Practically, though, if I’m serious and fully responsible, I’ll acknowledge my weakness and take some external steps, such as, for example, not keeping chocolates on my desk to look at when I’m stressed out during the day. Sure, even if the chocolates are there, if I’m deeply intentional I won’t eat them. Still, being honest about where I’m at, sincere intention will manifest as establishing structures such as no chocolates in the house.

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